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Blizzard Really Wants Overwatch Characters In Smash

With Overwatch due out on the Switch next week, it’s obviously time for fans to start incessantly calling for characters like Pharah and Mercy to make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The loudest voice among them, though, will belong to Blizzard themselves.

In an interview with IGN, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan was asked which Overwatch character he’d like to see in Smash, and replied, “To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies, you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from.”


“Tracer’s our girl, Tracer’s our mascot. She’d be my first choice,” he added. “There’s a lot of great runners up. I think a lot of people can immediately see Doomfist gameplay applying to Smash, but if it were up to me, I’d like to see Tracer.”

Or Reinhardt. Or Reaper. Or Sombra. Or Zarya. Or, look, like he says, any of them, they’d pretty much all fit.

Overwatch is out on the Switch on October 15.

Source: Kotaku.com

Maybe Don’t Put The Goose In Smash?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking over the past week for the Goose from Untitled Goose Game to be put in Smash Bros. I don’t know if that’s a very good idea.

I mean, I admire the passion! But you’re not thinking this through, for a number of reasons:

1) Pump your brakes. The internet can jump so hard and fast on things that it can squeeze all the joy out of them. Let the Goose breathe a little! The Goose is good and fun, but Untitled Goose Game is also a multiplatform release that’s been out for a week.


Waluigi would like a word about both those points.

2) Is Smash really the best game for the Goose? The Goose’s strengths are that it is a sneaky, scheming, malevolent force. Smash is a hectic, explosive, fast-paced exercise in shit-talking and fast reflexes. I don’t know how much of what makes the Goose so good and fun would translate well to Smash.

3) If you must ask the internet for the Goose to appear in Nintendo games, maybe Mario Kart or Mario Party are more appropriate? This may slightly undermine my above point, since they are both games that deviate from Goose Game’s core design, but they are also games for petty assholes, and the Goose is an asshole first and foremost.


4) You’re not thinking big enough! Asking for the Goose to appear in Smash is a reflex action, understandably born of a desire to see more Goose x Nintendo interaction, but we live in an age where Nintendo is letting Western developers get wild with its own IP (see Cadence of Hyrule).

I don’t want to see the Goose in Smash. I’ve constructed this entire post as an excuse to say I want the opposite. I want developers House House to be handed the keys to a Nintendo world/character and given the chance to work their magic with it.


Here’s my unsolicited pitch: Imagine the hijinx of Untitled Goose Game…but it’s Waluigi, who now has the Mushroom Kingdom equivalent of a YouTube channel, and he’s lurking around pranking Mario and Luigi and Peach and Toad and everyone else, ruining their days, wrecking their shit.


Imagine his goofy big legs trying to sneak through Luigi’s house, putting a bucket of water over a doorframe then rubbing his hands with glee as he saunters out the back door. Imagine hiding in the bushes as Toad walks past, carefully balancing a tray of birthday cupcakes, and at the perfect moment pressing a button not to HONK, but to WAAAAAAAAAAAAA. The cupcakes go flying, Toad shrieks, then cries, Waluigi jogs off twirling his mustache, laughing his ass off.

It would be the best. And everyone could stop asking for Walugi to be put in Smash because they’d realize that, like the Goose, he doesn’t need to be. He’d have his own place to shine.

Source: Kotaku.com

Terry From Fatal Fury Is Being Compared To A Macho Pokémon Trainer in Japan

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If you are steeped in SNK fighting game lore, then you are more than familiar with Terry Bogard. If you’ve never played Fatal Fury, you might not know who he is. If you like Pokémon, he might look familiar.

The announcement that Terry was coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with met with puzzlement among some fans—and delight among others.


As pointed out on Pokemon Matome and NWK News, some people online in Japan have been referring to Terry as “muki muki Pokémon toreenaa” (ムキムキのポケモントレーナー) or the “brawny Pokémon trainer.”

The text pointing to Ness reads “childhood” in Japanese (幼少期 or youshou-ki), while the text pointing to Red is “adolescence” (青年期 or seinen-ki). The text directed at Terry reads “middle-age” (壮年期 or sounen-ki). The tongue-in-cheek comparison is like is a different stage in the same character’s life!




He’s not the only muscle-bound trainer, though!

Source: Kotaku.com

UFC Fighter Plays Smash While His Tesla Drives Itself

Tesla cars have an “Autopilot” feature where the car can, on a long straight drive like a highway, take care of some stuff like lane changes and cruise control. The driver is supposed to still be paying attention, but some people—like UFC fighter Kevin Lee—haven’t got time for that.

Lee posted a video of himself yesterday driving to Montréal, his Tesla in control as he stuck a Nintendo Switch to his windscreen and played some Smash.

Looks like a super fun way to pass the time, but then, and not to sound like I’m snitching, it’s also not the safest idea. As Tesla says on the company website, “current Autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”

Source: Kotaku.com

Smash Bros. Creator Just Made “Xbox” Trend On Twitter In Japan

Here is the moment that Sakurai recommended that people play Banjo-Kazooie on Microsoft’s hardware.
Screenshot: All screenshots: Nintendo 公式チャンネル
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During a special Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai introduced the Banjo-Kazooie DLC. Not only does he want you to get that, but he would also like you to play the original game on Xbox.

The original Banjo-Kazooie games were released on Nintendo hardware, but as Sakurai explained, Microsoft now owns the rights to the series. In 2002, Microsoft bought Rare, the studio behind Banjo-Kazooie, from Nintendo.

Sakurai acknowledged that Microsoft and Nintendo had rival platforms, but the American tech giant is allowing Banjo-Kazooie to entry the fray in this Switch game. “I’m incredibly grateful,” Sakurai said. He’s so grateful that he’s willing to recommend that rival’s platform.

“If you are going to play Banjo-Kazooie, you can play it on Xbox,” Sakurai said, causing the people filming the Direct to giggle off-camera. “I’m saying this even though this is a Nintendo broadcast. Please, by all means, play it on Xbox!”

After saying this, the word “Xbox” started trending on Twitter in Japan. It even reached the number one spot!

Microsoft has always had a hard time reaching players in Japan. Maybe it should’ve enlisted Sakurai’s help sooner?

Source: Kotaku.com

Undertale’s Sans Joins Smash Bros. As A Mii Fighter Costume

The next batch of Mii costumes heading to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be headlined by good skeleton boy Sans from Undertale, the hit indie RPG that was ported to Switch a little over a year ago.

This announcement came during a special presentation after this evening’s Nintendo Direct. Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai detailed upcoming guest fighters Banjo & Kazooie and revealed some of the new content players can look forward to when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate updates later today.

In addition to Sans and a new arrangement of the iconic “Megalovania” theme from Undertale creator Toby Fox, the update will feature outfits that turn the customizable Mii Fighters into Mystical Ninja’s Goemon, Pokémon antagonists Team Rocket, and Mega Man franchise anti-heroes Proto Man and Zero.

It will also include a Home Run Contest mode, in case you want to whack a sandbag with a baseball bat while wearing any or all of these new costumes.

Source: Kotaku.com

Fatal Fury’s Terry Is Coming To Super Smash Bros.

Who the hell is Terry?” thousands of Super Smash Bros. fans all asked in unison just one moment ago. Well, according to Nintendo, he’s your next Smash fighter! Also, you know, a 30-year-old video game character from another well-respected franchise.

Today’s Nintendo Direct brought news of the fourth highly anticipated Smash fighter. Terry Bogard is a macho-man American from Fatal Fury, a fighting game first developed by SNK in 1991. Although he’s been around for three decades, he’s not as well-known as, say, Goku or Waluigi, just as some random examples.

When news leaked earlier this week that the next fighter could be from an SNK title, across channels for Smash fandom, a resounding Huh? could be heard. There would only be one more mystery Smash fighter after this one, they believed, so the stakes were high. Thankfully, Nintendo just told us that they’re making more Smash DLC than the previously-announced six total, including the three already in the game, Terry, Banjo & Kazooie and one more mystery fighter. The news should soften the blow for the haters.

We don’t know much about how Terry plays yet, but we do know he’s coming to Smash in November. On the bright side, Banjo & Kazooie are coming to the game tonight.

Source: Kotaku.com

The Mother Series 30th Anniversary Event In Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Too Cruel

July 27 will mark 30 years since the original Mother came out in Japan on NES. To celebrate, Nintendo is running a Mother-themed Spirit Board event in Smash Bros. Ultimate, torturing fans who have been desperate to see the rest of the series localized in the West.

Smash Ultimate’s Spirit Board is a single-player affair where people can grind for rewards and grow their collection of spirits, each representing some artifact from Nintendo’s video game history. The one dedicated to the Mother games is a hopelessly bittersweet affair, however, because it reminds fans that Mother 3 still hasn’t been localized.

It took fans no time at all, in fact, to hone in on a strange anomaly in the art Nintendo is using to promote the event, first through its Japanese Twitter account and now through Nintendo Europe. Specifically, they’ve focused on a small portion in the bottom of the image that shows sunflowers in front of a blue sky and clouds. Whatever that part of the image is taken from, it appears to be completely new. Maybe a remaster? Or at the very least some new Mother 3-related content coming to Smash Ultimate?

While the sunflowers are a reference to a famous scene from Mother 3, they’ve apparently never been rendered the way they appear in the promotional art before. Meanwhile, the sky and clouds appear to come from Smash’s Tortimer Island stage. None of this probably means anything, but wild speculation like this often happens when it comes to Mother 3.

When Earthbound, known as Mother 2 in Japan, released in North America in 1995 for the SNES, many fans had no idea it was part of a series. The first game wasn’t published outside of Japan for decades, and the third still hasn’t been. Even the most oblivious Earthbound fans realized something was up when Lucas, the protagonist of Mother 3, appeared in 2008’s Smash Bros. Brawl.

Mother 3 had only come out two years earlier in Japan on the Game Boy Advance. If Nintendo was going to feature him in its major crossover fighting game series, surely it would bring the actual source material over at some point as well, either via a port or remaster. And yet, nothing.

“Localize Mother 3” has become such a common refrain among fans, appearing on random signs at wrestling events and on the wishlists for every new Nintendo Direct, that it’s become almost something of a joke, uttered ironically to mask the sincere desperation deep inside players’ hearts.

That’s the only way to read the latest Mother 3 conspiracy theory: partly born of desperation and partly the result of fan brains broken by the fact that the game has still never been rereleased. Others have already poked fun at the attempts to read into the series’ future based on Spirit Board tea leaves.

Most of the responses to the speculation on Twitter have been the same. “Don’t do that,” wrote one person. “Don’t give me hope.”

Source: Kotaku.com

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Says Banjo In Smash Was An Easy Deal To Make

E3 2019It’s time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We’ve got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.  

Nintendo’s penultimate E3 announcement today involved the addition of a Microsoft-owned character to Smash Bros. This kind of company crossover between two platform holders might seem extraordinary, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that it was actually a pretty easy deal.

“The ‘how’ is not actually that interesting,” Spencer told me when I asked him how adding Banjo-Kazooie to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came about.

“Obviously we’re one of the biggest third-party publishers on Switch, so we have great relationships with their third-party team. And you’ve seen the ambition they’ve had with every character that’s ever been in Smash and even more. So it was just kind of part of the partnership relationship we have with them.”

“There wasn’t anything kind of CEO-to-CEO that had to happen,” he said. “People have asked me on social [media]—I’m sure you’ve seen that—over many years: ‘Would I welcome having Banjo in Smash?’ and I’ve always been open to that.”

Obviously we’re not talking about Halo’s Master Chief here. The bear-bird combo of Banjo and Kazooie debuted in games on the Nintendo 64 that were developed by Rare back when Nintendo had a significant ownership stake in the studio. Microsoft bought Rare in 2002 and published Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in 2008 as well as a compilation of classic Rare games, including remakes of the first two Banjo games, in 2015.

Spencer noted that Microsoft has worked with Nintendo for a long time, publishing games on 3DS and Switch, and letting classic Rare games like the Donkey Kong Country series show up on Nintendo back-catalogue services. “The licensing relationships between the two companies, they’re there and are kind of ongoing,” he said. “The reason it’s not some interesting, deep conversation is because with us owning Rare and the history between those two things, there are a lot of conversations over the years about, ‘Hey, we want to do “X” is that okay?’”

“I think it’s cool that Banjo is going to be in Smash,” he added.

And this morning, Rare tweeted this:

Spencer tweeted one word: “YES.”

Source: Kotaku.com

Surprise: Banjo-Kazooie Is Coming To Smash Ultimate

Nintendo is giving Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans something they’ve wanted for a long time: Banjo and Kazooie from 1998’s Banjo-Kazooie for the N64. Today, Nintendo announced that the bear and Breegull partners will land in Smash fall, 2019.

In a 2018 poll of 20,000 fans, Banjo and Kazooie ranked number one among most-desired fighters in Smash Ultimate. Nintendo’s been on a roll adding in fan favorites, as the Banjo and Kazooie announcement rides on the heels of long-requested fighters like Ridley and King K. Rool’s inclusion in the 2018 game.

In 2018, a fan tweeted at Xbox head Phil Spencer—Microsoft has the rights to the characters—asking whether he’d lend Banjo and Kazooie to Nintendo for Smash. His response was short: “Yep.” (Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts and Banjo-Tooie are receiving Xbox One X Enhanced updates, Microsoft announced yesterday.) Looks like Spencer followed through.

We didn’t get a thorough look at how Banjo and Kazooie will fight in-game, unfortunately, but what we did see looks really interesting. We did see Kazooie mow down opponents from inside Banjo’s backpack and shoot out little balls. We also saw Banjo slam Kazooie down for what looked like some major damage. Kazooie can help Banjo fly, too.

For a lot of fans, Banjo and Kazooie’s Smash debut isn’t a surprise. Last week, well-known leaker Shinobi602 posted on the gaming forum ResetEra, “Been a while since we saw Banjo in anything. Hope we’re in for a smashing good time.” Lots of Smash players took Shinobi602’s statement very seriously. Bolstering it was another leak: A new design Banjo-Kazooie merch.

Hopefully, the animal duo will live up to fans’ expectations. If Ridley and K. Rool’s super fun gameplay is any indication, though, Banjo and Kazooie will.

Source: Kotaku.com