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Wraith And Bloodhound’s Backstories Are Apex Legends’ Best Mystery

Every once in a while, Apex Legends players notice that two of the game’s characters, Wraith and Bloodhound, both have a very familiar emblem hidden on their costumes. The emblem appears in Respawn’s previous Titanfall games, which might suggest the characters formerly piloted those games’ giant Titan mechs. It’s not a new theory, but the fact that it keeps coming up shows the power of Respawn’s lore.

Respawn’s Titanfall universe has a lot of little bits of backstory attached for flavor. Sometimes that lore comes out in little details fleshing out the series’ central conflict between its two biggest factions, the IMC and the Frontier Militia. Other times these bits are more esoteric peeks at some of the truly wild stuff that explains how the games’ world works.

That includes pilots. On one hand, pilots are the best of the best, the most elite soldiers who have undergone the extreme training necessary to pilot a giant robot in war. Pilots are also able to opt-in to cybernetic augmentation, and some of which are pretty extreme.

Apex Legends players who notice the pilot emblem on Wraith and Bloodhound are fascinated by it because the pilot emblem appears on Gen 10 chips. In the first Titanfall game, these chips signaled that a pilot had undergone the process of Regeneration 10 times. Regeneration is one of the most mind-boggling ideas in the Titanfall universe. It’s where pilots undergo augmentation and surgery to essentially reset their body, so they learn skills faster and perform them far better than a normal soldier ever could. Regeneration also comes with the nasty side effect of amnesia. (My favorite thing about this is that it’s an in-game story justification for the “Prestige” process popularized by Call of Duty, where you reset your in-game progress in exchange for an elite ranking.)

Pilots can only regenerate 10 times, and after that…we don’t really know what happens. (We don’t really know a lot of specifics when it comes to Titanfall lore.) This is why Wraith and Bloodhound are so appealing to think of as former Gen 10 pilots. They’re the most shrouded in mystery—Wraith, per her official backstory, is amnesiac and the subject of experimentation that may have left her with her phase ability. Bloodhound, meanwhile, is completely shrouded in mystery, but their outfit also looks like a repurposed pilot’s suit. So what happened to them?

Given that they’re both survivors—Wraith from experimentation, Bloodhound from being a renowned hunter from the Outlands—it’s possible that they’re just wearing gear they found and that we shouldn’t read too much into their design. If they were pilots, they would probably be too skilled to compete in Apex Legends’ tournament, since they’d be potentially augmented beyond the capabilities of the other competitors.


One of the neat things about Respawn’s approach to lore is the way that it suggests ideas but never really confirms them, letting players fill in the blanks and come up with stories of their own. Other bits of Titanfall have made their way into Apex Legends’ new season, such as the Flyer enemies and a reference to Titans in one of the map’s new areas. While I personally would love to find small hints dropped over the next few months that might lead to answers about Wraith and Bloodhound’s pasts, I’d also love to keep seeing conversations about it come up among players as we all notice new details and argue with each other about what it all could possibly mean.

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Apex Legends’ Worst Gun Is Good Now

Screenshot: Apex Legends (Respawn)

For a time, there were a few constants in my life. The sky? Blue. The grass? Green. The Mozambique shotgun? The worst gun in Apex Legends. That gun was so bad that the game’s developers at Respawn added an animation showing you throwing away the gun is disgust.

Change has come to King’s Canyon, and even more shocking than the giant dinosaurs that have lumbered onto the map, is that the Mozambique is now worth holding onto.

The Mozambique’s improvement largely seems due to the addition of a new gun attachment, or hop up as they’re called in Apex Legends, called the Hammerpoint. It was added to the game as part of Apex’s second season, which started on July 2. It does additional damage to enemies without a shield and is compatible with the Mozambique.

Apex Legends players have realized that when you combine the Mozambique with the Hammerpoint, the gun gets nasty. If you use another, more powerful gun to chip away at another player’s shield, you can now whip out your Mozambique and finish them off.


I’ve been sitting around in shock watching Apex gameplay videos of people straight murdering other people with the Mozambique. It seems the rest of the fandom is as surprised as me. One player wrote “If a few months ago someone told me the new weapon meta was p2020/alternator/mozam I would’ve shit my pants laughing, this is crazy,” on the Apex Legends subreddit, and it was upvoted over a thousand times.

The Respawn team hasn’t said that the gun’s stats have changed. So to make the most of the gun, you’ll probably need that attachment, which you can find randomly on the map. Helpfully, Respawn has also changed the way pinging your teammates for hop ups work, making it easier to ask for one if you need it. If you ask your teammates for a hop up and your gun is only compatible with one of them, you’ll call out to ask for that specific hop up instead of just asking for one generally. This is useful when you’re running through an area and looting, as it can be very easy to forget what kinds of guns your teammates have and what they might need. The Mozambique is only compatible with the Hammerpoint, so go ahead and ping away until you get it.


I can’t believe I am typing this but: the next time I hop into Apex Legends, I can’t wait to grab a Mozambique and see what it can do. Now I’m gonna make sure the sky hasn’t turned green.

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Apex Legends Players Are Learning A Lot About Leviathans

Apex Legends Season Two brought some changes to the game’s map. Leviathans, those dinosaur-like monsters that used to stand in the water off King’s Canyon, are now stationed across the landscape. In the two days since the season launched, players have been discovering what you can do with them.

In my impressions of Season Two, I noted that I’d punched a leviathan but not been able to make it do anything. Apparently I wasn’t patient enough. Though an in-game lore screen says leviathans are non-aggressive herbivores, they can really mess you up if you get too close.

Leviathans don’t move fast, but you need to keep your eyes peeled when they do.

This slow movement can also be used to your advantage, as one player on Reddit found when a leviathan finished off an enemy player for them. However, they might also kill you when they aren’t moving at all: Another player tried to resurrect a teammate near a leviathan’s foot, only to spontaneously die.


Some players have found loot under the leviathans’ feet, though you have to be quick to grab it.


In one of my matches my team’s jump master tried to land on a leviathan, but we slid off. I thought we’d just come in wrong, but it seems like you can’t land on them.

A player on Reddit tried to land on a leviathan’s head only to get stuck and have to leave the game. Another got stuck near a leviathan’s mouth. Maybe just avoid their heads? This is hard, because when they’re munching on treetops they look adorably like lizards on weed, but do your best.


I’m excited to see if leviathans do anything else, or if their behavior changes over the season. I also really want to know more about Apex Legendsflyers, especially the ones trapped in rooms. I would very much like a dragon friend, or ideally a dragon army.

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Apex Legends’ New Battle Pass Has Cooler Rewards

Screenshot: Respawn

A lot of Apex players were disappointed with the first season’s battle pass. Rewards were mostly lackluster character and weapon skins. There were no challenges to complete to level up, or emotes or other fun things you could earn. Overall the battle pass didn’t offer much incentive to play more during the season. Season 2 started yesterday, and the new battle pass is largely an improvement.

Respawn’s new battle pass has a broader variety of both free and premium rewards. In addition to character and weapon skins, there are music packs, load screens, and skydiving emotes you can earn. Besides being a greater variety of items than last season, these rewards explore the personality of Apex’s world and characters, but they don’t veer into distracting lore like Fortnite or Overwatch sometimes do. Apex strikes a good balance between deepening the characters so that they all have distinct personalities and giving the players who are here for tightly controlled, technical gameplay new challenges.

The music packs, for instance, are remixes of the main Apex theme based around a particular character. Wattson’s music, which I unlocked last night after getting to level 2 of the battle pass, replaces the music in the game’s lobby, the music you hear during the drop, and the music when you win. Wattson’s music is loud and bombastic, just like the adorable engineer herself. Bloodhound’s music pack, on the other hand, sounds like something you’d hear at the goth club. Mirage’s music sounds like something from Tim Heidecker’s fake butt rock band Dekkar. They’re all in character, feel like fitting rewards for leveling up, and don’t distract from the game.

The same goes for the drop emotes. These can only be used when you jump from the drop ship, so don’t expect any dance parties. I haven’t seen anyone use them yet, possibly because they unlock at level 10, but I can’t wait to grab the soldier Bangalore’s cute salute, Wattson’s ballet-esque swan dive, or Octane’s emote where he runs around in a circle. I don’t even play as Octane, and I want it.


Gibraltar’s emote is also very cute.
Screenshot: Respawn

The battle pass also has character-specific loading screens. I can deck out my game with a Mirage emote, music pack and loading screen, and being able to customize my game to feature my favorite character makes me feel even more invested in that character. Who wouldn’t want to see cool art of their favorite character every time they load into a match?.


These new rewards feel much more meaningful to me than character skins. They’re more interesting looking than last season’s, but given that I can’t see my own skin when I’m wearing it, I don’t feel motivated to grind for them. Fans of Caustic seem to like his new Prince of Darkness skin, which make him look like an evil king form a fantasy novel, but overall the skins still feel less interesting than the other rewards.

The challenges, on the other hand, are all about technical skill, but they’re so varied that I don’t feel like a loser for not being able to get a ton of headshots. I just completed a challenge for outliving 300 players, which isn’t a hard feat if you play often. Challenges rotate both daily and weekly, so if you’re not feeling today’s challenges you can come back tomorrow or focus on a weekly challenge instead.


Completing a certain number of challenges is an additional way of earning battle pass experience. In the last season, battle pass experience was tied to just regular experience, meaning that the only way you could level up was by playing a ton. In this season, you’ll probably still have to play a ton, but if you have a string of short games where you aren’t playing well, you can still earn some battle pass experience along the way.

Where the first battle pass was underwhelming, this one makes me remember all the things I loved about the game when I started playing it at launch. It’s just enough of a new spin on the game that it feels fresh, without diluting the strong gameplay or complicating its lore. After spending just a day with the season 2 battle pass, I’m back into Apex Legends in a huge way.

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A Leviathan Might Crush You In Apex Legends Season 2 [Updated]

Apex Legends developer Respawn released a Season 2 trailer today, in which we get to see upcoming new character Wattson and an EMP exploding in Kings Canyon. Leaked trailers on Reddit, one of which has now been officially released by Respawn, reveal even more changes coming to the game when Season 2 launches on July 2.

(Update 3:56pm—Both trailers have now been officially released by Respawn.)

Over the last month, Respawn and publisher EA have shared pieces of the information that appeared in the now-official and the leaked trailer. Flyers, a Season 2 dragon-like beast, were hinted at during E3’s EA Play and appeared in the game about a week later. Since then, Respawn has shared some of the other Season 2 additions, like a new weapon, new hop-ups, and changes to airdrops.

The officially-released trailer is animated and narrative-focused, showing familiar faces like Mirage, Bangalore, and Octane fighting it out. Midway through the trailer, an EMP goes off, and we see upcoming character Wattson react to it. The EMP topples a large tower, and we see Wattson shock a downed Octane to revive him. A horde of flyers appears and we then see a leviathan, which usually stands in the water off the game’s island, stomping across the map.

The leak on Reddit contains this trailer as well as another one. The second trailer, which Respawn has not released but which a producer at Respawn acknowledged on Twitter, appears to have been filmed in-game and shows the effects of the EMP explosion, with some areas of Kings Canyon destroyed while others have gotten new structures or sprouted greenery.


The leaked trailer also shows a closer look at Wattson’s powers. Wattson and her abilities were revealed at EA Play: She can place an electric fence that damages enemies, and her ultimate is a defensive pylon that recharges her and her team’s shields and blocks grenades. In the leaked trailer, we see her powers in action. We get to see how her electric fence damages an enemy who slides through it, and that she can place fences of different sizes. What appears to be a finishing move shows an electrified Gibraltar exploding when Wattson touches him.

We also see a few new battle pass weapon and character skins, an emote players can perform while skydiving, and the badges for the upcoming ranked mode along with their tier names: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Apex Predator.

Apex LegendsSeason 1 battle pass felt a little underwhelming, and while it’s unclear if the new rewards in Season 2 will be more exciting, skydiving emotes sound pretty fun to me. I’m ready for some map changes, especially after being spoiled-slash-overwhelmed by how frequently Fortnite changes. In the leaked trailer we see a flyer in a cage, and I’m excited to find out if I can unleash it to fight on my side or just forget it’s there and get the crap scared out of me. We’ll find out next week when Season 2 launches.

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The Perfect Squad Size Is 3 People

If you were paying attention to this week’s E3 announcements and also care about co-operative games, you might have noticed something: There are a lot of three-player co-op games. Rainbow Six Quarantine, the new Escape mode for Gears 5, even Battletoads. To this I say: It’s about damn time. Three people is the perfect squad size, and I am tired of games that want me to find a fourth.

The Division 2, Anthem, every Borderlands game, Diablo 3, most online role-playing games—they all want me to round up a whole three other people in addition to myself when I squad up. Granted, they all don’t require a full four-person outfit, but the mere suggestion of a fourth means you’re always aware of the gap in your roster, suspicious that you might not be performing at the optimum level thanks to your missing party member.

I always struggle at finding a fourth person. Part of this is due to the fact that many of my friends don’t play video games—at least, they don’t play the kind of video games that I do, on a similar schedule to mine. I’m at that age where everyone is getting married and having kids; it’s only natural that gaming happens at an irregular rate for most of my peers. Besides, rounding up two other people is significantly easier than rounding up three. That’s just math.

You might say, “Joshua, this is also true of two-person squads, and much easier. Why not just roll through every game in a duo?”


“How astute!” I would say, out loud, like a college professor. And it’s true: I do like playing games with just one other pal. But to me, squadding up is about a sense of camaraderie, of being on a team, of having more than one person to high five when the job is done. Three people is the perfect number for that—all the benefits of teamwork, but low-key enough to still make things feel chill and casual, you know?

There are more practical concerns, too. The more crowded a voice channel is, the more obligated you feel to only talk when necessary and to shoot the breeze less. That is a bummer, since catching up with pals over a video game is nice. Of course, the ebb and flow of conversation very much depends on who’s present and what your relationship is with them, but I’ve found that three is generally the sweet spot.


In my usual trio, this extends to trash talk, too, since our odd number makes it easy to ensure an even and varied distribution of burns and dunks between the three of us.

Regardless of how much you talk to your comrades, a trio is just nice for solving problems—when you’ve only got two other partners, it’s easy to read a situation and tell where you’re most needed. Not to say that’s impossible with a team of four; it’s just the point where you can intuit less and have to communicate more.


I suspect this is why I don’t mind being randomly placed in a three-man squad for Destiny 2 or Apex Legends, despite primarily playing both games solo and without a mic. I can keep track of two people easily, and they can keep track of me. We don’t have to say much. If we did, though, we’d probably have a good time.

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Apex Legends Season 2 Starts July 2, Includes Ranked Mode, New Weapon, New Legend

E3 2019It’s time for the biggest gaming show of the year. We’ve got articles, videos, podcasts and maybe even a GIF or two.  

Apex Legends Season 2 is called “Battle Charge,” and it begins on July 2. Electronic Arts confirmed this date at EA Play this morning, where it revealed more details about Season 2 including a new character as well as a new weapon returning from Titanfall 2.

The new weapon is the L-Star light machine gun, which will be able to break down doors.

According to Respawn, the weapon is very powerful, so to balance it, the L-Star will only be available through care packages.

Season 2 will also include a ranked mode, with skill-based matchmaking and ranked tiers. The Season 2 battle pass will also include more content than the Season 1 battle pass, including more skins and materials.


Finally, a new legend is launching in Season 2. Her name is Wattson and she will be a defensive character, able to place electrical fences down that can block enemies’ progress. The character’s lore is that she and her father actually have a deep history with the arena and its formation.

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New Apex Legends Update Lets You Drop Famously Crappy Gun In Disgust

The Mozambique still sucks, but at least Apex Legends now has a sense of humor about it.

Much-bemoaned is the Mozambique, a crappy shotgun that holds only three rounds. Not only is it bad; it’s everywhere. The gun has a high spawn rate, so it’s likely that if you’ve ever played Apex Legends you’ve been forced to pick one up in the early game before something better comes along.

Earlier this year, when an Apex Legends fan asked senior designer Sean Slayback whether there were plans to buff the gun, he offered this response: “Current plan is to keep enjoying the memes.”

As of last night’s patch, the Mozambique has its own animation depicting the glorious moment when a player tosses it aside and into the dark abyss, where it belongs:


It appears that the Mozambique is the only gun with this animation.

Players on Apex Legendssubreddit seem to be enjoying the joke. It seems like the devs are owning that the gun is trash, and they just want us to enjoy that about it.

(via Dexerto)

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VR Gun Fu Backfires

Today on Highlight Reel we have VR guns in Blade & Sorcery, carriage stops in Red Dead Online, difficult climbing in Rage 2, Days Gone bike trouble and much more!

Watch the video then talk about your favorite highlight in the comments below. Be sure to check out, like, and share the original videos via the links below. Subscribe to Kotaku on YouTube for more! Catch up on all the episodes on the Highlight Reel Youtube playlist!

Highlight Reel is Kotaku’s regular roundup of great plays, stunts, records and other great moments from around the gaming world. If you record an amazing feat while playing a game (here’s how to record a clip), send it to us with a message confirming that the clip is yours at highlightreel@kotaku.com. Or, if you see a great clip around that isn’t yours, encourage that person to send it in!

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Popular Streamer Shroud ‘Interviews’ An Apex Legends Cheater

Yesterday evening, while playing Apex Legends, Twitch star Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek got killed by a player who was using an aimbot to cheat. When you spend the majority of your waking hours playing video games, it’s not abnormal to encounter cheaters and stream snipers. This one, though, agreed to stick around and chat with Shroud.

Shroud, who has nearly 6.5 million followers on Twitch, is known for aim, reflexes, and split-second decision-making that surpass even most other streamers known for their aim, reflexes, and split-second decision-making. So when an Apex Legends foe handled him like he was a newborn infant and delivered him straight to death’s door, he was surprised.

“He just destroyed me,” said Shroud. “Jesus Christ. Is this guy cheating?”

He proceeded to spectate the player who killed him and discovered that, yep, they were definitely cheating. Shroud went on to lament that this player was actually, on the merits of their own skills, too good to really need hacks.


“The sad part isn’t that he’s cheating,” said Shroud. “The sad part is that he’s actually not bad at the game, and he’s cheating. This guy could actually have a good time playing the game normally, but instead he’s just aimbotting. He has good movement. His movement’s pretty fucking good. If he just played normally, he could do pretty well.”

Shroud kept watching this player, and it didn’t take long for them to reveal that—in a magnificent demonstration of the nightmare panopticon that is modern society—they were watching Shroud too, via his stream.


So Shroud decided it was time for a (gun) fireside chat.

“Why do you cheat?” he asked.

The cheater proceeded to blast the letters “IDK” into a stone wall. In response, Shroud reiterated what he’d said earlier: He thought the cheater was actually a pretty decent player, and they could probably “feel better” about themselves if they just played without leaning on their ill-gotten crutch. Upon hearing this, the cheater started blasting dollar signs into nearby walls.


Shroud then asked the cheater how old they were. They replied, again with their gun, that they were 25. At that point, Shroud quit spectating and joined another match.

“He’s a 25-year-old child,” said Shroud. “That’s all I needed to know. There’s no way he’s 25. That’s a lie. No 25-year-old would act like that.”

Shroud, it bears mentioning, is 24. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 30 full years of playing video games (and, I guess, living), it’s that cheating has no age limit.

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