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Roblox Game Adopt Me Is Launching An Easter Update, Weeks After Easter

Adopt Me, the cute animal game based in the Roblox platform, is getting an Easter-themed event–a few weeks after Easter. The update adds a new ultra-rare lamb pet, available now through May 13.

The timing isn’t a mistake, though. According to Entertainment Focus, Roblox Corp chose to release this update later in the month so as to avoid conflicting with a separate Ocean Eggs patch.

Aside from the little lamb, the update includes new accessories for your pets, avatar, and house. Those include egg-shaped sunglasses, a bunny ear crown, baby chick backpack, and a chick hat. You can take part in an Easter egg hunt to earn currency for purchasing the new accessories, and you can get a look at some of them in a trailer for the update.

Adopt Me is one of the more popular offshoots from Roblox, which functions as both a game and a creation platform. Roblox Corp, the parent company formed around the breakout hit, recently went public on the US stock exchange. It doesn’t appear to be profitable in itself yet, but the company says it is confident about its long-term prospects, especially given its success on mobile.